What is Violet Flame (Agni) ?

Ascended Masters & Their Teachings

Who Are Angels?

Who are Angels and Archangels? Archangels

Who are Angels and Archangels?

Who are Angels and Archangels? Angels "Angel” is derived from the Greek word angelos and Latin angelus meaning messenger. They represent ‘angels’ of God’s ...

Chanada Cultural Society shares the teachings of the “Ascended Masters” – The gods and goddesses and saints of East & West. 

Chananda Cultural Society is a Non-Government Organization founded in India, to spread the practical, spiritual teachings of East and West. Join us for lectures, meditations, and spoken prayers for world peace, and to bring more wholeness, creativity, balance, and happiness into everyday life.


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The Four Questions

We conduct “Sunday Prayer Meetings” every week from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. All are welcome.  Please call before you arrive.

Address : Chananda Cultural Society, 7/5 Kalkaji Extension,  New Delhi  – 110019

Contact:  Poonam Chugh – 9711057877

Chananda Cultural Society