The purpose of Chananda Cultural Society is to spread unique, practical, spiritual teachings of East and West for the benefit of all people regardless of social status, race, gender, or religious affiliation.

The goal is to put people in touch with the higher self as their guide, guardian, and friend.  Other goals include using spiritual energy to change the past and using every encounter and circumstance as an opportunity to grow while practicing loving-kindness towards everyone, including one’s self.

According to Hinduism, the earth is passing through the last phases of Kaliyuga or a dark age (Kali = dark or evil, Yuga = age).

Now is the time for the dawning of the new Satyuga for the earth. In times past, Satyuga was known as the righteous age (Sat or Satya = truth or righteousness).  Also called Krta Yuga and Krita Yuga, it is a time when mankind has a heightened sense of awareness through their higher selves.  During Satya Yuga, people engage only in good, sublime deeds.  Every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideals that allow people to raise their consciousness through illumination of their minds by integration with their true divine source (identity).  It is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Age.”

Chananda Cultural Society promotes entering into Satya Yuga.