Although he is concerned with the destiny of many nations, Chananda is mainly responsible for the divine destiny of the continent of India. In fact, he tells us that he is the governing authority and the flame of India the land of the Mother that was once a part of the ancient continent of Lemuria. He comes to reacquaint us with the culture of the Mother Light that was once the Golden Age of Lemuria- and he reveals that India in the east and America in the west have a destiny that is connected.

The great masters such as Chananda seek the conscious cooperation of mankind to forge a union of hearts between heaven and earth that will span the octaves and create a bridge over which the currents of light, love and truth can flow into the governments of mankind to solve the issues of our time–thus the master is in search of his students. This beloved master tells us that the ascended masters never cease in their search for their chelas. Chananda is in search of the one or the many who can help him to fulfill the destiny of a great land and a great people. Perhaps you are that one!

Who is the Master Chananda?
Chananda is a master of light from the continent of India. His expertise is with the governments of the nations. “Chananda is particularly concerned with the problems of racial and religious divisions between people and with the future of India.” To this end, he works with the councils of masters and adepts in the heaven world to help bring about harmonious resolutions of conflicts and to contribute to world peace.

A Personal Introduction
Chananda has been described as a tall, personable and majestic master of Indian extraction. He wears white and also wears a white turban with a jewel in front. Chananda is frequently at the etheric Darjeeling Council table. “It is located in the etheric realm in the foothills of the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, India.” He is concerned, of course, with the affairs of India, just as the etheric Council of the Royal Teton is concerned with the affairs of United States. However, the concerns of these masters are not limited by the boundaries of their nations.

Chananda, like all of the ascended masters, is a devotee of the Divine Mother. He teaches us the application of the Culture of the Mother to life as it is lived today. He is concerned with the raising again of the Mother Light, intended to occur in all nations, but especially in the nations of India and America, whose divine destinies are intertwined.

Sponsor and Initiator of Twin Flames
Chananda is also a sponsor and initiator of twin flames. The twin flame is the other half of the divine whole. You have only one twin flame and you and your twin flame were created in the beginning from the white fire core of God. In the Age of Aquarius, many are seeking to reunite with their twin flames. Karma is what produces difficulty in relationships and separation from the beloved twin flame and the ascended masters are concerned that twin flames be re-united unto cosmic service. Chananda is one such master who is deeply concerned with the union of twin flames. He understands why twin flames became separated during their many lifetimes on earth and has keys to their reunion in love.

Chananda’s Past Lives
Little is known of the past lives of beloved Chananda. We do know that “Chananda was a scholar on Mu and lived in the city of the seven hills where San Francisco now is. He was also embodied at the time of Jesus and knew the Master in Judea. He saw his radiant magnetism and ‘perceived the Presence of immortality shining through his outer garment.’”

Chananda features prominently in the books of the I AM Activity – authored by Godfre Ray King (the pen name of Guy Ballard), who was a messenger for the ascended masters for the I AM Activity. The date of Chananda’s ascension is not known.

Chananda’s Retreat in the Heaven World
“The Palace of Light is the home of Chananda and his sister, the ascended lady master Najah.” “The retreat is located in a valley in the Himalayan mountains;…”

Chananda’s Role Today
Chananda came forth in 1937 to assist the ascended master Saint Germain to implement his plan for the freedom of the earth. He assists the governments of the world. Specifically, Chananda’s role is with God-government. As he is so intimately involved with the governments of the nations, he can teach us about God-government from the perspective of the ascended masters. Because of his intimate understanding of government as it should be, Chananda is an important master to know. His skills, expertise and intercession are needed as never before, as the leadership of governments and nations deal with complex and intricate problems of global significance.

Chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood
“Chanada is the chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood and hierarch of the Cave of Light, the focus of the Great Divine Director in India.” The role of the Indian Council is to work with the governments of the world, particularly with the government of the nation of India to unite East and West. The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being who is the teacher and guru to many other ascended masters, including Chananda. The Great White Brotherhood is: “…the great multitude of saints ‘clothed with white robes’ who stand before the throne of God. (The term “white” refers not to race but to the aura of white light that surrounds these immortals.) The Brotherhood works with earnest seekers and public servants of every race, religion and walk of life to assist humanity in their forward evolution.”

India and America – A Divine Destiny
India and America share a divine destiny together―India is the matter or feminine polarity; America is the spirit or masculine polarity between the two nations. India is the head and America is the heart of the radiant plan for the world and the unfoldment of love in the world. The polarity between the nations of America and India has a figure-eight-flow of energy between them ―India the ancient motherland, America the future land of the mother – and at the nexus, the Middle East, the base chakra for the planet.

The ascended masters such as Chananda, who serve tirelessly on the Indian and Darjeeling Councils, continually desire to find ways to reach unascended mankind with the concepts that can change their world. Having graduated from earth’s schoolroom, they long to help bring about freedom, peace and enlightenment to a world that yearns for these divine attributes.

Prayer, Science of the Spoken Word and the Violet Transmuting Agni (Flame)
Chananda encourages the use of prayer, the science of the spoken word and the Violet Agni as a means to bring about constructive change into the world whether it is one’s personal world or the world at large. He has said that the greatest need of every initiate and student of the masters is the use of the gift of the Violet Agni. He urges his students to take up the practice of the Violet Agni that has been released to the world. The Violet Agni is used to balance karma both personal and planetary. You can call forth the Violet Agni by using a simple mantra that is easy to memorize:
I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!

Inviting Chananda into Your Life for Assistance
Masters such as Chananda stand just beyond the veil ready and waiting to assist us if we will invite him into our world. Anyone on earth can ask Chananda and other members of the Councils of the Great White Brotherhood to enter the affairs of men and they will do so. But the laws of the universe state that they cannot enter uninvited. Mankind must use their free will to invite the angelic hosts and the masters into the physical events of earth, and then they can act.

We can call therefore to Chananda for the proper implementation of the plan for God-government throughout the world and we can ask that God’s divine plan for India and America be implemented through his intercession.