How the Violet Flame Works.

Violet flame a spiritual fire that vibrates close to the physical world we live in.  Because it is so close to the physical and because of its spiritual properties of mercy and forgiveness, it can sometimes be an antidote for physical problems. The violet flame can alter the vibration of our physical body, and the vibrations of our thoughts, feelings, and desires.

For example, when we repeat violet flame mantras, the violet flame permeates every cell and atom within our physical body, and cleanses our thoughts, feelings, and desires, thereby purifying our seven chakras from all negative debris. Here is a simple violet flame mantra and please remember, each time we utter the word, ‘I AM’, we are saying ‘God in me is’:

I AM a being of violet fire!

     I AM the purity God desires!


With regular use of violet flame mantras, we can bring about transformation at all levels of our being. It can enhance our stamina and help us to overcome our physical problems and emotional challenges. It can lift the spirit and free the soul to pursue her (soul’s) dharma or divine plan.

There are many other violet flame mantras which are called ‘decrees’ that are poetic prayers which can be recited to solve many situations.

Another powerful violet flame mantra is:


                                       I AM the Violet Flame In action in me now

                                      I AM the Violet Flame to Light alone I bow

                                      I AM the Violet Flame

                                      In mighty Cosmic Power

                                      I AM the Light of God

                                      Shining every hour

                                      I AM the Violet Flame

                                      Blazing like a sun

                                      I AM God’s sacred power freeing every one


This mantra can be repeated many times a day and even continuously meditated in the mind as one goes about doing daily activities. However, mantras always work best if given out loud since the sound, coupled with visualization and devotion carries the vibration through our heart, throat, and third eye, and goes out into the universe.

Please note that the violet flame is not meant to replace doctors and other remedies but when used in conjunction with proper medical care, it can really make a difference.  The violet flame help to heal a condition at the level of the karmic cause, which can be the first step to wellness.

Chananda Cultural Society