Praying for Protection Before Giving Violet Flame Decrees (Mantras)

Praying for Protection Before Giving Violet Flame Decrees (Mantras)


Before beginning to give violet flame mantras, it is helpful to pray to God asking for protection and visualizing the strong blue light of God’s will and protection around you.  We know that protection is important because every time we want to do something spiritual and for the upliftment of ourselves and others, forces of darkness want to block us.  The negative energy may come as a subtle voice in your head that says, “This is stupid.  Why waste your time?” or it could come as something physical to keep you from giving the violet flame.  But there is no need to fear.  The light of God is always greater.

The Best Time to Give Violet Flame Decrees

The best time to give decrees is in the early morning.  By giving decrees first thing in the morning, the day will go much smoother.  Since our karma returns each day, we can make a specific request when we wake up in the morning for the transmutation of whatever mental, emotional, or physical problems we are working on, including relationships with friends and loved ones.

It is good to begin with a prayer or invocation inviting the help of divinity. A sample prayer could be like this: “Beloved violet flame, let your light go out and heal me, my family and friends, release the stress of my work, my children’s schoolwork and heal my friend’s problems.”  We can send violet flame to heal any and all socio-economic conditions affecting our children and youth, including drugs, alcohol and all kinds of negative conditions and unhealthy addictions.

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