Trinity Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

The Threefold Flame
Hidden away in a secret chamber of the heart is the threefold flame—the divine spark of God placed in his sons and daughters. This flame has three petals—blue, yellow and pink. The blue (on your left), the yellow (in the center) and the pink (on your right) correspond to the primary attributes of power, wisdom and love, respectively. These flames arise from a sphere of white light that is the flame of the Mother.

The flames of power, wisdom and love—or faith, hope and charity—are the Trinity within you. The power of Brahma, or the Father, the wisdom of the Son (Vishnu, Buddha, or Christ), and the love of Shiva, or the Holy Spirit are all anchored in the threefold flame.

The threefold flame within the human heart pulsates to liberate the divine blueprint of life into the bodily form. This flame (one-sixteenth of an inch in height) is the divine spark, the potential of your divinity. It is the gift of life from the Creator to the creation. Truly this threefold flame is the light which gives life to every man and woman born into the world.

The consciousness of the Son of God is centered in this flame, which is also called the Holy Vishnu Flame, the Atman, or the Holy Christ Flame. This flame is the individualization of the God flame whereby the Word is within you, enabling you to behold the glory of God within your body temple. The flame that burns within your heart is the seat of cosmic consciousness. It is your link to Reality, to Being and to life eternal.

The heart flame needs to be tended, just as the heart chakra needs to be developed to give and receive more love. The three plumes of this flame are also intended to be expanded, accelerated and balanced to the same height. If they are not, a lack of development in one flame can actually impair the expansion of the other flames.

For example, if you have a large blue flame of power but little development on the pink (love) and yellow (wisdom), you might tend to be dictatorial or tyrannical, without having the balance of love and wisdom to temper the power. Before you can be given any more stature to the blue flame, you are required to develop more love and wisdom, so that you can use the power wisely and lovingly. The tests that come your way will be designed to assist you to develop these plumes so that they are not out of balance. In fact, if you do not attempt to develop your pink and yellow plumes, your larger blue plume may shrink in size as a means to bring balance.

As you serve harmoniously as the vessel of your higher consciousness, through the work of your heart, head and hand balanced in the flow of love, wisdom and power, there can come about a corresponding balance in the threefold flame.

Chananda Cultural Society