Violet Agni

In the Chart of Your Real Self, you can see the lower figure enveloped in the violet flame, the light of the seventh ray of God. This violet energy can have profound effects on all aspects of our being—mental, emotional and even physical.

The violet flame or violet agni is a spiritual energy used in the retreats of the heaven-world. It is a supplement to any religion or practice and is also known as the mercy flame or the flame of forgiveness, as well as the freedom flame. This seventh-ray aspect of God can be called forth through prayer and mantra.

We can use the analogy of a movie to describe the action of the violet flame. As you use the violet transmuting agni, you are washing the imperfections from the scenes of your life and your understanding of yourself and others. As you change and transmute the scenes projected on your consciousness, you will alter the scenes that take place in your life. You can then become a manifestation of your Higher Self, designed in the form of a son or a daughter of God. You are no longer an individual expressing temporal manifestations of imperfection, but you are a son or daughter of the Most High God as you drink in the consciousness of the eternal light that is within you.

The violet flame can be used to transmute, or change, any negative energy in our lives—the energies of hatred, anger, discord and hardness of heart. Devotees use it to transmute negative karma and to produce positive change in all areas of human endeavor, whether personal or planetary in scope.

The following is a simple mantra from the master Saint Germain, who introduced the violet flame to mankind:

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.

As you give this mantra, you can visualize this high-frequency spiritual energy of the violet flame erasing your problems, resolving burdens and liberating you from sadness or regret due to poor choices in the past.

Every day we receive a little pack of karma, our assignment for the day. If we douse it with violet flame at dawn, we can transmute and soften the karma, then balance the rest in service through our job, our family and community, and whatever good works we do on that day.

Don’t let your karma pile up or believe there is nothing you can do about it, because you can get burdened by it. Clean up the day’s offering as it arrives, and if you can do a bit extra to clean up the rest of this life and a bit more for previous lifetimes, you will be well on your way to accelerating your consciousness.

Watch Elizabeth Clare Prophet describe the violet flame here:

Watch Elizabeth Clare Prophet describe the violet flame and the seven chakras or energy centers here: (When Mrs. Prophet refers to the Christ Self, that is also known as the Vishnu Self, the Higher Self, or the Buddha Self in other religious terminology.)

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