After finding the teachings, the usual problems of life seem easier to handle. Life has become more peaceful than before. I want to be part of the ascended masters’ organization for my whole life. I know this is the right path for me to make my ascension in this life. — Poonam Chugh

I really feel blessed to learn about the importance of violet flame, ascended masters, archangels and the threefold flame. I practice and recite the decress daily and the change which I have observed in myself is extremely positive. — Jaypreet Singh Thukral

The ascended masters, violet flame and the blessings of Guru Ma have brought a miraculous change in my life. I feel very much connected with Archangel Michael and Saint Germain. — Mohanjeet Kaur

I felt like my long search was finally over! The teachings of the ascended masters are indeed to marvel upon: they teach us that equality of all religions, there is a life after death and how to look beyond a materialistic world. —  Neeru Aggarwal

I am thankful to the ascended masters to have come to my life and I pray anyone who has and will come to the earth shall know about this sacred knowledge by God‘s grace. — Pawan Sehgal

We learned about violet flame about a year ago. When we first began, it was something new to us but gradually, after doing decrees, we found the blessings of the violet flame to be very useful and beneficial. These things have changed our lives. — Mrs. Reetika & Mr. Girish Bhandari

We are happy to learn, understand and experience this new aspect of God through the hierarchy of ascended masters, angels, light rays and chart of the I AM Presence —all woven together in a Great Divine System. — Ms. Janhavi, Mrs. Sunita and Mr. Pradeep

I have been a student of the teachings of the Ascended Masters for over 30 years. By God’s grace and through the teachings of the ascended masters, I got acquainted with the secret of the nature, angelic kingdom, elementals, ascended ones and other cosmic beings and how to have their blessings in my life. — J.P. Arora

I came into contact with the teachings of the ascended masters through a newspaper advertisement. The references made to Indian saints /deities like Babaji, Lord Krishna, Ma Durga etc. in the teachings are very motivating. — M.S. Satija

I was introduced to the teachings of the ascended masters in October 2011. When I gave the “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees” for the first time, I realized that I had found, what I had been waiting for a long time – guidance for spiritual transformation. — Sigrun Srivastav

Violet agni/flame is a very powerful tool. I was not able to forgive many people/aspects in my life and violet agni has miraculously worked like a cosmic eraser. — Madhu Gupta

Violet Flame is the miracle flame. It’s use has helped me to arrive at a state of mind where I find myself confronting circumstances and people whom I used to avoid earlier. I feel myself being much more happier, more blissful, and more loving & forgiving person. — Dilraj Kaur

The divine knowledge of secret energies revealed by the teachings of the ascended masters has changed the course of my spiritual path for the better. The teachings have given me a deeper understanding as how to live rest of my life correctly. — Kiran Soni

With the teachings, I am more peaceful than before. I am now able to forgive people who have ever done wrong to me because I know how important it is to forgive ourselves and others.— Bhavna Dixit

What fascinated me most was the kind of knowledge about such new concepts as the violet flame, the ascended masters, the science of the spoken word through decrees, the role angels play in protecting us, the dictations given by the masters—all this knowledge had been revealed through the Messengers Mark. L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. — P.D. Sayal

I noticed my awareness about the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other cosmic beings began to expand as I devoted more time in decrees.  I have often felt their presence around me.

I am thankful to the ascended masters for giving me the gift of the violet flame. —  Renu Anand Malik

I have also observed the more I give violet flame mantras, decrees and songs, the more I feel the transmutation of the blocks that had existed between my soul and my divine self. — Onkar Singh

I have been practicing the teachings for more than one and a half years. The violet flame and the teachings have helped me to enhance and improve my visualization and gratitude practices. Thank you, Thank you Thank you Violet Flame. I am so grateful to you. —  Pooja Sen

The Mantra “I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires” makes you feel energetic and powerful. I was personally looking for answers outside of me, then I learnt about the “I AM Presence.” I feel blessed, very positive and feel the Love and Light — ShivVani Rawat

Thanks to the Ascended Masters for providing the spiritual insights, awakening and enlightenment with the violet flame and introducing me to the Keepers of Flame and angels. I feel privileged to be a part of this heavenly mission by Guru Ma brought to us by the heavenly masters. — Parvinder Singh

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