The Miraculous Healing Powers of the Violet Flame

The Miraculous Healing Powers of the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Blessings

Before I learned about the miraculous healing powers of the violet flame, I had undergone deep mental and emotional agony caused by the actions of one of my siblings whom I had fully trusted. He wanted to start a new business in America and had asked me to loan him some money.  I did not have much money but went ahead and lent him all that I had because I felt it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, his business failed and he refused to pay me back. Moreover, he justified his reasons for not paying me in a very inappropriate manner.

I felt betrayed and deeply hurt by his cold attitude. I was advised by my family members to learn a lesson from this experience, forgive him and move on with my life but I could not do so even though I tried hard.  The memories were too painful to bear.

A few years later, I learned about the violet flame of mercy and forgiveness and how it can work at deep inner levels and erase the energies of injustice and non-forgiveness.  I saw it as an opportunity to try it out. I began giving one of the violet flame decrees for 15 minutes a day while visualizing the violet flame spheres going from my heart to his and dissolving all the energies of negativity between us.   After two months, I felt the pain I had experienced earlier had gone and was replaced by feelings of peace and compassion. I felt as if the chains of injustice and anger had been broken and I was able to free myself to rise above the negativity that had enslaved me all these years. What a blessing!

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