Who are Angels and Archangels?

Who are Angels and Archangels?


“Angel” is derived from the Greek word angelos and Latin angelus meaning messenger.

They represent ‘angels’ of God’s consciousness as light and fire. They embody frequencies of the God’s Mind. Their
radiating light looks like feathers. The angels infuse matter with divine consciousness.

God created angels before he created us to be our caregivers. They tend our bodies, console our spirits,
invigorate our minds, and restore our souls. Angels convey messages of love, joy, peace, teaching,
warning, and protection. We must have a listening ear and a receptive heart to hear and sense the
direction they give us.



An Archangel is the leader of a countless number of angels. An Archangel is the highest rank in the orders of angels. There are seven rays of God’s consciousness; each ray has a presiding Archangel and his divine compliment or an Archeia. The Archangels direct the bands of angels serving in his command on that ray.

All archangels are healers. When you stand in the presence of an archangel, you are standing in the presence of God. The archangels are cosmic beings who predate us by millions of years. The archangels were our first teachers. There is no field of learning in which archangels do not excel.

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